The Tragic Consequences of Speeding

We don’t usually consider that 15 mph could make the difference between walking through the front door or not, but in the early hours of July 4, it made all the difference for two local residents.

As personal injury attorneys, we know this story all too well. For us, every accident is a story, a family, a moment of suffering, and an opportunity for healing.

In our line of work, we see the grave and emergent dangers of speeding every day. We can see its effects on our community, and local law enforcement has recognized speeding as an urgent problem. Local deputies recently increased enforcement as a direct result of specific incidents, and the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Station pledges a zero-tolerance policy for reckless driving, according to

Additionally, the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Station issued 109 arrests during a speed racing crackdown in a Castaic industrial park on June 29. Seven of those arrested were physically booked at the local station. The joint operation, led by Captain Edward Krusey and the CHP Newhall Office, targeted illegal street racers and reckless drivers who were participating in what’s familiarly known as a “sideshow.”

“Speeding is extremely dangerous, with death or serious injury a frequent and unfortunate consequence,” said the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Station in an official statement. “A momentary loss of control, which can happen all too easily, can have devastating consequences for both the drivers and spectators.”

A momentary loss of control is what killed two local residents last month. It can happen in an instant, yet the damage is irreparable — the consequences devastating.

At Owen, Patterson & Owen, we work within these devastating consequences every day. We work for those who suffer as a result of reckless driving — and for the families of those who couldn’t be saved. We work to carry some of the burdens on behalf of our clients, as they start the unimaginable journey ahead.

As our community mourns during this most difficult time, the team at Owen, Patterson & Owen expresses its deepest condolences and sorrow for the families of these local residents. We hold the injured, and the families they leave behind, in our hearts.