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Have you or a loved one been the victim of an auto accident?

For over three decades, expert Santa Clarita auto accident attorneys, Owen, Patterson & Owen have been specializing in car accident cases and have helped thousands of auto accident victims.

Owen, Patterson & Owen represented the Vacio family after a devastating car accident. Listen to Mrs. Vacio talk about her experience.


The Vacio Family – Car Accident Case



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Watch Partner Greg Owen talk about how Owen, Patterson, & Owen can help after an auto accident.


With so many vehicles traveling on our roadways, it’s frightening to know that an auto accident occurs about every six seconds.

Owen, Patterson & Owen in Valencia CA will do everything in our power to get you the compensation you deserve. We want to help you:

  1. Get the medical care you need…
    Please always call an ambulance to the scene immediately by dialing 911 if it is apparent that serious injuries may have occurred. If no ambulance has been summoned, visit a nearby critical care or emergency clinic to make sure you’re not missing an injury that could become devastating later.
  2. Manage intimidating discussions with the police…
    Law enforcement officers will be working to gather information just as you or your loved ones are upset and confused. It’s important that you call the police and file a report so that they can determine who is at fault.
  3. Hold careless, irresponsible drivers accountable…
    Most auto accidents are caused by a driver being careless, distracted, impaired or all of these things. Owen, Patterson & Owen will work to determine just who is responsible for the trauma you’ve experienced, and then make sure that correct measures are taken to hold them accountable.
  4. Fight through the piles of confusing paperwork…
    Let our team manage the huge mass of tedious documents so that your case is moved forward as quickly and accurately as possible. You must be protected from loss or reduction of wages, large medical bills, and even the pain and suffering that you or your loved one might experience as a result of an accident.
  5. Work with insurance companies and other attorneys…
    Even your own insurance company, and certainly those of others involved, are not necessarily serving your best interests, but rather their own. Owen, Patterson & Owen will talk to each of the involved insurance companies so that your rights are appropriately represented.
  6. Make sure you get appropriate compensation from each possible responsible party…
    The careless driver that caused the accident may not be the only person that can be held liable. Owen, Patterson & Owen will investigate and evaluate all of the potential responsible parties. These might include employers of the driver whose vehicle was involved, government / municipal organizations that are responsible for safe, well-marked roadways, manufacturers of faulty vehicles. We will always consider a wide variety of options on your behalf.

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