Owen, Patterson & Owen Wins $25 Million Verdict for Young Accident Victim

Fox 22 News – Owen, Patterson & Owen Wins $25 Million Dollar Jury Verdict
for Young Victim of Auto v. Pedestrian Accident

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This verdict featured on the front page of Verdict Search online as one of the TOP 100 verdicts for 2013.

Coverage of this case appeared in the Daily Journal – Auto vs. Pedestrian, December 6, 2013

Justice was served in the Auto v. Pedestrian accident involving a 4-year-old little girl that was run over while playing with her siblings. Represented by Senior Partners, Greg and Susan Owen, the girl’s family was awarded $25 million by a Riverside jury on Friday, November 8th, 2013.

The jury’s verdict is the second largest personal injury judgment in Riverside County history.

Defendant Hugo Aguirre was held liable for severe injuries caused to Mireyli Gomez, who was playing with her siblings in the parking lot of an apartment complex where she lived. After drinking in the apartment’s parking lot, Aguirre got in his SUV and without looking, backed his vehicle into the area where the children were playing.

Four-year old Mireyli Gomez was run over by the rear tire of Aquirre’s SUV. Aguirre stopped his vehicle after he drove over Mireyli, then shifted into drive and rolled over her a second time, shattering her pelvis and causing a multitude of other very serious injuries.

Greg Owen said the girl will have lifelong medical issues to deal with and will need at least four hip replacement surgeries in the future. “My feeling is that repeated drunken drivers are not deterred. With a verdict like this, people will think twice before getting behind the wheel drunk,” Owen said. “They know when they come in front of a jury in Riverside, the court will show no mercy and we will follow them wherever they go.”

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