Aviation Accidents

Have you or a loved one been the victim of an airplane or helicopter crash?

When it comes to cases involving aviation accidents, many attorneys end up facing some of the most challenging litigation problems of their careers. Everything from State and Federal legislation to complicated insurance matters and technical engineering issues can come into play, necessitating that plane crash or accident victims have an experienced professional litigation team on their side.

Listen to Senior Partner Greg Owen discuss a Grecian aviation accident where the victims’ families sought out our firm for our extensive expertise.

OPO obtains high 7 figure settlement for families of aviation accident victims

As recognized leaders in aviation accident litigation, the firm of Owen, Patterson & Owen brings to the table significant technical knowledge, advanced litigation skills, and a long history of successfully representing airplane crash victims and their families. From small accidents to international airline disasters, our cases have involved all types of aircraft, including commercial, corporate and recreational airplanes and helicopters. We have an outstanding record of success in aviation accident cases and have obtained millions of dollars in compensation for loss and damage for clients both local and international.

We are currently working on a case involving the victim of a Robinson Helicopter Crash in Australia.


Compensation for loss is only the first step. A variety of factors, from human error to a defect with the plane itself, can cause an airplane accident. We dig deep into learning and understanding how the aircraft works – what propels it, how it maneuvers, how the instruments are supposed to function and the issues that may have contributed to why the accident occurred. Determining the responsibility behind aviation crashes, identifying the issues that may have contributed to or caused the accidents and raising public awareness about safety issues is a very important part of our process at Owen, Patterson & Owen.

We have earned our reputation for million-dollar results by not backing down. No matter how big an opponent is, no matter how complex your case involving an airplane accident or crash, we have the resources and experience to obtain the best possible result for you and your family.

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