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Have you or a loved one been involved in an accident with a truck?

The law firm of Owen Patterson & Owen, has been specializing in helping victims of truck accidents since 1977. Their expertise and resources can help you get the compensation you deserve following this traumatic experience.


Large trucks crisscross our country carrying almost every product we all need and enjoy, but all too often trucks are participants in our most devastating crashes and bodily injuries. By virtue of their size, they have the potential to cause significant damage to anything and everybody in their path. Accidents between trucks and cars can leave the auto and its occupants severely injured and terrified.

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If you are involved in a truck accident:

  1. Get immediate medical assistance…
    Truck collisions can cause substantial injury to the drivers of the cars they have struck. Call for an ambulance and make sure that no one is trapped, or in danger of fire. Because trucks are so huge, they often are carrying large quantities of volatile diesel fuel. It’s important that everyone in the vicinity of such a crash is safe.
  2. Make careful reports to the police…
    Call the police and carefully explain what you have experienced. It’s important that your story is documented. Truck drivers are often employees of other companies, so you or your loved one must not be blamed for a crash because a driver is trying to avoid trouble with his employer. Owen, Patterson & Owen will make sure that you or witnesses are given a chance to accurately tell what happened.
  3. Hold careless, dangerous truckers responsible…
    Most drivers can tell stories of being terrorized by aggressive, speeding trucks. Owen, Patterson & Owen will carefully identify the responsibility of the truck driver, the company that owns the truck, those who might not have correctly maintained the truck, and others that might have had a role in an out-of-control truck.
  4. Assure accurate and timely documents…
    Big crashes lead to big piles of paperwork. Owen, Patterson & Owen will watch every detail to assure that no detail slips by unnoticed and undocumented. This will help secure the best outcome possible.
  5. Work correctly with insurance companies and other attorneys…
    Trucking companies often have big insurance companies and elite lawyers. Let Owen, Patterson & Owen manage discussions of your trauma with their insurance companies, and even yours. They will make sure that your best interests are protected, rather than the bottom line of the insurance companies.
  6. Make sure you get appropriate compensation from each possible responsible party…
    Crashes involving semi-tractor/trailer trucks are often very complicated, much more complicated than a standard collision between two autos. The cargo of the truck might not have been correctly loaded or strapped down. The driver might have been driving for an illegal amount of time. The driver might have taken drugs to stay awake or be sleep-deprived. The truck company may not have correctly maintained the truck in safe working order. Owen, Patterson & Owen will evaluate the various possibilities that may have led to your crash.

When you’ve tangled with a truck and don’t know where to turn, Owen, Patterson & Owen looks out for you.

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