Personal Injury

We Handle All Personal Injury Cases

With almost 4 decades of experience on our side, the law firm of Owen, Patterson & Owen is able to take on any personal injury case. We can take on the largest opponents and the most complex challenges.

No matter what has happened, we can stand by your side to pursue a positive outcome.


What Type of Personal Injury Does Your Case Involve?

The attorneys at our law firm can handle all personal injury cases, including those that involve:

These are just a few of the types of cases our lawyers have handled and are able to handle. We understand that many accidents are one of a kind. You can be confident that we can take your case.

Does Your Case Involve a Car Accident?

We have extensive experience in these cases. Read more about motor vehicle accidents.

Does Your Case Involve a Truck Accident?

We specialize in these cases. Read more about truck accidents.

Does Your Case Involve a Motorcycle Accident?

Our team includes motorcycle enthusiasts. We are particularly concerned with the future of victims of these accidents. Please visit our separate motorcycle accident site.

Does Your Case Involve Mistreatment in the Workplace?

We realize that not all injuries are physical. Some involve damage to your career, as well as damage to your mental and emotional well-being. For that reason, our attorneys are also available to handle cases involving employment discrimination, sexual harassment and other workplace issues such as wrongful termination.

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