Aluminum Bat Injuries

With More Power Come More Injuries and Deaths

Has your child suffered a severe personal injury or wrongful death while playing youth baseball where aluminum bats were used?

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Baseball Bat And Glove

  • Aluminum baseball bats allow batters to swing easier and harder resulting in line drives that fly off the bat. As a result, fielders have less time to respond in a defensive stance. When a fielder is not in position to field the ball the chance that he will be struck exists. Depending on the speed of the ball and where the player is struck a serious injury or even death could result.
  • Beyond giving up hits and home runs, the increased bat speed and “pop” at the sweet spot are placing pitchers and infielders at risk of injury. The Crisco-Greenwald Batting Cage Study conducted at Brown Medical School demonstrates that aluminum’s “trampoline effect” leads to batted ball speeds that are 5 to 7 mph faster than that of wood.
  • Baseball defenders are exposed to fast-moving line drives from the barrels of aluminum bats. The baseballs are responsible for broken bones, head trauma, comas and even death. The accident may have been caused by the negligence of the baseball bat manufacturer or perhaps the baseball league for allowing the use of aluminum bats instead of the traditional wooden baseball bats.
  • By far the most compelling reason for regulating bat and ball performance is the possibility of serious injury to pitchers and fielders from being hit with the batted ball; higher performance implies higher batted ball speed, less time to react to the batted ball, and a greater likelihood of contact.

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