The Master’s University Scandal

Owen, Patterson, and Owen to Represent Students from The Master’s University

If you are a victim of sexual assault or abuse and feel that The Master’s University failed to report or follow proper federal guidelines on taking action or reporting on these allegations, don’t wait to contact us and schedule your free legal consultation. Our attorneys are highly experienced in seeking justice for those affected by sexual assault and abuse.

  • Owen, Patterson, and Owen attorneys have 40 years of experience.
  • You only pay if we win your case.
  • You can contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • You will speak with a caring, female associate.
  • All consultations are completely confidential.
  • OPO is protecting the privacy of the plaintiffs by using only their initials in the complaint and will take every effort throughout the course of the litigation to keep their identities confidential.


Victims’ Bill of Rights

We have represented numerous clients in cases involving sexual assault and abuse over the course of four decades. The Victim’s Bill of Rights is a set of standards we must follow when you contact us about your experience.

  • We will protect your identity and keep it 100% confidential whether or not you file a lawsuit.
  • Any phone calls, messages, and emails you share with us are confidential.
  • You do not have to give us your name to call and ask us questions, and you may use an alias if you so choose.
  • We will not share any of your information with any third party without your explicit consent.
  • If you choose to allow us to represent you, we will keep your name confidential and it will not be published in any court files.
  • You are under no obligations, financial or otherwise, if you choose not to file a lawsuit after speaking with us.
  • We only collect contingency fees, which means there are absolutely no fees or expenses until we win your case.
If you have experienced or witnessed sexual abuse or assault while at The Master’s University or you have any information, please fill out the Contact Form on this webpage or contact Owen, Patterson, and Owen at 800-676-5295.


About Our Legal Team

Since 1977, we have helped our clients receive some $900 million in recovery with our dedication to putting all of our knowledge, resources, and experiences into each and every case. We are committed to providing everyone with skilled legal representation and alleviating the stress of paying legal fees upfront. We have provided justice for thousands of individuals and families in need of help, and we will always fight for what is right according to the law.

Listed below are cases wherein Owen, Patterson & Owen have helped victims of sexual abuse and trauma achieve justice:

  • Senior Partner Greg Owen represented 14 young victims of the Miramonte Elementary Child Sexual Abuse Case and helped to obtain a $30 Million Global Settlement.
  • Owen Patterson & Owen represented multiple victims of the First Lutheran Church of Carson Child Sex Abuse Scandal.
  • 16-year-old boy molested by his baseball coach for 3 years. A $3.5 million settlement resulted.
  • Boy Scout Troop leader took a 12-year-old boy on “special” camping trips where he would “snuggle” into the same sleeping bag. A $780,000 settlement resulted.
  • A woman that suffered from a stroke, living in a residential care facility, was molested by a maintenance man. A $1 million settlement resulted.
  • 94-year-old woman living in a residential care facility was sexually assaulted by the cook. A jury verdict brought her a $12.5 million award.

If you experienced or witnessed sexual abuse or assault while at The Master’s University, please contact us using the form on this webpage or call us at 800-676-5295 to tell us your story.