Trinity High School Louisville Kentucky Sex Abuse


Owen, Patterson & Owen is currently representing a man who states he was sexually assaulted on more than 50 occasions by his former football coach, Philip “Dale” Anderson.

Anderson taught at St. Raphael Catholic School from 1981 – 1993 and coached football at Trinity High School during that time.  It was during his tenure at Trinity that he met the victim.

Anderson became part of the victim’s family and visited them often.  They were delighted that a very important coach would take such an interest in their son and trusted Coach Anderson to drive their son to practices and games.  They had no idea that Andersen was actually taking their son to his home, where the sexual abuse started.

What ensued at the coach’s home was horrid. This child endured years of unimaginable depravity, and his life was – and will never be – the same.

Our client has found the courage to come forward with this story and tell the truth after viewing the story of another man’s abuse at the hands of Anderson, which aired on August 17, 2014 on WHAS 11. Our client has also stated that he was sexually abused by a priest at Trinity, Ron Domhoff, on the school premises and teacher, Donald Switzer, in Switzer’s classroom at Trinity.

Information our firm has received recently leads us to believe that there were many more children who were victimized by Philip Anderson. We look forward to seeking justice on their behalf.

Over the past 37 years, Owen, Patterson & Owen has represented hundreds of sexual abuse and assault victims throughout the country.  Our record on these cases is 100% victory by way of verdict or settlement.

If you suffered abuse while you were a student at St. Raphael Catholic School or Trinity High School by any coach, priest or teacher, call us immediately.  You are not alone; we are here to help and will act as your advocate to get the reparations you deserve.