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UPDATE: Case settled: MGM to pay $735 million to the victims.

Senseless Tragedy Strikes Las Vegas

On Sunday, October 1st, thousands of fans enjoying an outdoor music festival in Las Vegas were startled as gunfire broke out, scattering the crowd and turning an otherwise joyful occasion into a nightmare. In the wake of this senseless tragedy, which has so far left 58 dead and 489 wounded, stories of heroism and sacrifice have brought a renewed sense of humanity and brotherhood to our nation. Now the victims and families affected by this senseless act of violence must try to find a way to recover and move forward.

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We at Owen, Patterson & Owen wish to express our deepest sympathies to the victims and families struggling to find stable footing in the wake of this devastating attack. Many of our family members, friends, and clients have contacted us seeking advice and help to cope with the aftermath of the shooting in Las Vegas. In an attempt to support our loved ones, our valued clients, our community, and those affected by this tragedy, we have sent our own investigators to Las Vegas. As a result of our investigation, we have filed the first lawsuit aimed at freezing the assets of the responsible party.

We are accepting clients who were injured and the loved ones of those who died in this tragedy. The current focus of our investigation is on the inadequate security practices of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. We are also looking at the exits of the event venue. Hotels worldwide routinely use metal detectors and to check baggage of those entering their hotel and baggage is often x-rayed prior to going to the room. Baggage screening practices were implemented within 24 hours of the incident at several Vegas hotels and could have prevented this unthinkable tragedy. Further investigation has revealed the hotel allegedly was aware of suspicious activity surrounding the killer. Many are questioning how someone was able to check into a hotel for just a few days, with 10 pieces of luggage, a Do Not Disturb sign on his door the entire stay, and not raise suspicions.

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