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Looking for legal representation in Newhall? We have got you covered. With over 40 years of experience, we at Owen, Patterson & Owen are passionate about representing victims of accidents and personal injury cases. Our firm offers its services to enterprise clients, class-action suits, and smaller cases alike.

California personal injury cases are all about determining liability and fault. As a comparative fault case, parties involved in an accident are responsible for compensation relative to their respective fault. This means the party responsible for 10 percent of the damage shares 10 percent of the total liability.

This means having experienced legal representation is crucial. Regardless of intent or malice, personal injury cases often involve debilitating injuries. Accidents and attacks alike can leave people stuck with years of treatments and decades worth of medical debts, while often affecting a person’s ability to continue their work or education. If your injuries were someone else’s fault, it’s imperative to seek compensation. Our Newhall law offices are at your disposal.

Fighting For Your Compensation

Worried about legal costs and upfront fees? Don’t be. Our initial consultation is free, and when we take cases on, we make sure our clients know that they don’t owe a dime until their case has been settled. Here at OPO, we derive our compensation through a contingent fee, which is determined by the settlement or payment awarded by the court.

We’re focused on winning cases for our personal injury victims, and your success is our gain.

Why Work with a Personal Injury Attorney?

Personal injury law can be confusing. The last thing you need in the aftermath of a terrible accident is to worry about legal jargon, or subject yourself to the tricks and strategies of insurance companies and opposing legal professionals. These cases can last months, and the other side will always try to minimize its liability, settle quickly, or convince you to settle for less.

Don’t give in. You deserve full compensation, and full legal representation. We at Owen, Patterson & Owen know just how to help.

Why Work With OPO?

When you choose to work with OPO as your Newhall law firm, you’re choosing to work with a legal team that offers:

A Prestigious Success Rate – We don’t settle for less. With a success rate of around 99 percent, our clients know that they’re in good hands. We adjust our legal strategy with each case and approach each case with the intention to secure the compensation our clients deserve.

Specialization in Personal Injury Law – Our firm specializes in all forms of accident and injury law, including motor vehicle accidents, Uber and Lyft accidents, burns, dog bites, slip & fall cases, medical malpractice, and much more. We also offer legal services encompassing employment law, elder abuse, and defective pharmaceuticals.

A Reputation Beyond Borders – While we operate as a Newhall law group, our firm has represented clients throughout the country, and even beyond national borders. We regularly work with other firms to offer assistance in cases they don’t have the time or resources to tackle alone.

Have you been injured?

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Your Compensation Comes First

Don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free consultation, right here from our Newhall law office.

Q and A with OPO

We’ve fielded thousands of questions from hundreds of clients, and our decades of experience in California tort law help us offer reassurance in times of confusion and uncertainty for personal injury victims. However, many of the most common questions we receive often boil down to how cases are won, and what determines compensation.

Q: What Decides Who Wins a Personal Injury Case?

A: There are a few factors that go into how a personal injury case is judged, but in California, you can effectively boil it down to fault and liability. Of course, that’s easier said than done. How do you determine fault? A thorough investigation and evaluation of evidence is crucial.

In civil matters, such as personal injury cases, a plaintiff must argue for their claim through the preponderance of the evidence – meaning, if the available evidence suggests that the plaintiff’s claim has a 51 percent chance of being true (or higher), then the claim is valid.

If you were involved in an accident, getting in touch with an experienced Newhill law firm to help collect and evaluate evidence is important. It can determine who wins, and to what degree.

Q: What Does a Typical Compensation Look Like?

A: Compensation is determined by what the opposing party is willing to pay, or what the courts are willing to award. This changes from case to case. Costs are a fairly important factor – the higher the property damage or medical bills accrued as a result of the incident, the higher the potential for compensation.

You must remember that in a personal injury case, there are both economic and non-economic damages. Courts must consider that an injury can leave someone with hefty bills to pay, but can also affect them emotionally, diminishing their quality of life, robbing them of their job, affecting their relationships, or perhaps even keeping them from doing the things they love doing the most.

Choosing a Newhall Lawyer for Your Motorcycle, Car, or Truck Accident

Don’t hesitate to contact our Newhall lawyers at OPO for a complimentary initial consultation. There is no obligation to work with us. We want clients to carefully consider their legal options and be fully informed.

Our goal is to offer comprehensive information during the consultation, so you can make the best choice.

Client Testimonials and More

We know from years of experience that the circumstances around personal injury cases can be harrowing. We’ve spent these years helping countless personal injury victims reclaim their lives and move on in a meaningful way. The results simply speak for themselves.  

A Reputation for Million-Dollar Results

These cases are a sampling of the many results we have obtained aiding the physically, emotionally, and financially injured over the last 40+ years. We have represented many clients in major slip and fall cases, as well as over thousands of victims seriously injured in auto, truck, and motorcycle accidents.



College Student Sexual Abuse
Global Settlement



Dangerous Pharmaceuticals



Premise Liability



Auto v. Pedestrian
Jury Verdict

“We’re here to help.”

Many of the cases we receive here at OPO come through other Newhall law practices. Sometimes, other firms can’t take on certain cases, or lack the resources at the time. Learn more about our attorney referrals here.

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