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Owen, Patterson & Owen has dedicated more than 40 years to helping personal injury victims reclaim their lives.

Our people-first philosophy is the reason Santa Clarita residents voted us the number one personal injury law firm.

Unlike some other firms, we don’t base our efforts on your case size. Instead, we fight as aggressively for our smaller injury accident claims in the local Bakersfield, CA area as we do our high-profile accident cases and prioritize your legal needs to secure the highest compensation amount possible for your case.

Personal injury claims arise when the actions of a business or person result in bodily injuries for another person. The person or business at fault might undertake these actions intentionally. For example, a bar fight or a sexual assault can support a personal injury claim.

The person or business might also act unintentionally, but negligently. A distracted driving car accident or lax mopping in a grocery store might support a future personal injury accident claim.

In some cases, California and Bakersfield, CA law on a local level does not care what a person or business had in mind when an accident happens. Thus, people and businesses have strict liability for damage caused by defective products and dangerous animals that they are responsible for.

But all of these cases have one common thread — the injuries were preventable. By behaving in a way that results in injuries to you, the wrongdoer gave you the legal right to pursue them for compensation.

If We Don’t Win. You Don’t Pay

At Owen, Patterson & Owen (OPO), we charge a contingent fee to represent injured clients.

This means that you will not pay any legal fees at all unless we win or settle your injury accident case. As a result, we will not ask you for any upfront fee to get started on your case.

Instead, we will get paid from your settlement or damage award at the end of your case. A contingent fee motivates us to get the best possible outcome for your case.

We understand that the outcome of your case could play a significant role in your financial survival. You may have medical bills piling up. Your injuries might prevent you from working or taking as many hours as you might normally have at work.

A contingent fee ensures that you can devote your resources to getting the medical treatment you need.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You Recover Compensation for Your Injuries

After an accident, many accident victims try to handle their insurance claims and the realm of personal injury law on their own.

Although you have the right to represent yourself, self-representation will usually produce poor results.

When you hire the team at OPO, you get the benefit of nearly half a century of combined experience and knowledge. This means that no matter how you suffered your injuries, we have probably dealt with a similar case. This makes our representation vastly superior to self-representation. Our experience also gives us a unique edge over many of the insurers and insurance defense lawyers we encounter.

personal injury accident attorneys in bakersfield​The steps that we can take when handling a personal injury law case for our Bakersfield, CA clients include:

  • Investigating your accident
  • Gathering evidence to support your case
  • Interviewing and deposing witnesses
  • Consulting with your doctors and other experts about your injuries
  • Preparing insurance claims and supporting documents
  • Negotiating with claims adjusters to settle your case
  • Filing and litigating lawsuits for unsettled claims

We will not take each of these steps in every case. But we do as much as we need to in order to get positive litigation outcomes for our client’s legal needs.

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Why Choose OPO for Your Personal Injury Accident Case?

You have many choices for legal representation. At OPO, we provide unparalleled legal services and other legal matters to our clients. In need of California lawyer groups or Bakersfield, CA attorneys? Some of the advantages of hiring our firm for your personal injury claim in Bakersfield, CA include:

Our extremely professional lawyers at OPO have over 40 years of experience in handling personal injury accident cases and a myriad of legal issues in other practice areas. We have seen every type of case in all practice areas, from the routine to the complex. We have also seen every type of injury accident case, from defective drugs to multi-vehicle truck accidents.

Throughout the firm’s decades of experience, whether you need us to negotiate a quick but fair settlement with an insurer or present a case to a jury, our experience gives us the skills and knowledge to achieve your goals for your any of your pressing legal issues.

We cannot guarantee success in every case. But our record of trial here speaks for itself. We settle or win 99% of the cases we take. This success rate comes from carefully selecting our cases and devising a legal strategy to maximize the odds of success.

Client Care—We cannot guarantee success in every case. But our record speaks for itself. We settle or win 99% of the cases we take. This success rate comes from carefully selecting our cases and devising a legal strategy to maximize the odds of success for your legal issues and legal needs.

Resources and National Presence—Our firm’s reach extends far beyond Bakersfield, CA. We have represented clients from around the world and receive referrals from lawyers across the country. We have handled cases that set precedents in our field of law and shaped legal policy. We have a strong reputation in the legal community. Our Bakersfield attorneys have been selected by Super Lawyers and our firm is AV-rated by lawyers and clients surveyed by Martindale Hubbell.

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Have Questions? We Have the Answers.

Many accident victims feel confused by the personal injury claim process.

This confusion is often fed by claims adjusters who act as though they have your best interests at heart when truly, they only work to protect the insurance company’s interests.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about personal injury claims:

Q: What do I need to prove to win a case?

A: The answer to this question depends on the type of case. Most personal injury claims rest on the legal doctrine of negligence to recover compensation. To win a negligence case, you must prove four elements:

  • Duty: You must show that the other party owed you a duty of care to safeguard your health and safety. In a car accident case, every driver owes motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians a duty to drive in a reasonably safe manner.
  • Breach: The other party must do something that is unreasonably dangerous. Texting while driving or leaving a puddle in the middle of a restaurant would qualify as unreasonably dangerous.
  • Damage: You must suffer an injury.
  • Causation: The breach must cause the injury. This requires that the action falls within the chain of events that led to your injury and that an injury was a reasonably foreseeable result of the action.

If you prove these four elements, the burden shifts to the other party to try to defend their actions.

The law also recognizes two other theories of liability. Intentional torts require that you prove the action that caused your injury was intentional. For example, assault or sexual abuse fall into the category of intentional torts.

California law and Bakersfield, CA law on a local level imposes strict liability for particularly dangerous activities. Thus, keeping dogs or dangerous animals will subject the owner to strict liability for attacks.

Q: What Damages Can I Recover for My Case?

A: Every case has unique damages. Damages fall into two categories. Your total damages represent the sum of your economic damages and your non-economic damages.

Economic Damages—These damages compensate you for the financial costs of your injuries. They include medical expenses, lost income, and diminished earning capacity. You can easily calculate your economic damages by adding up all your medical bills and the income you lost out on while recovering from your injuries.

Non-Economic Damages—Non-economic damages compensate you for all of the non-financial ways your life changed due to your injuries. Some examples are physical pain, mental suffering, inconvenience, and lost activities. You can include anything that shows a diminished quality of life resulting from your injuries.

Q: Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney to Deal with the Insurance Company?

A: Most injury cases begin with an insurance claim. The insurer assigns the claim to a claims adjuster, who investigates the claim and determines the insurer’s liability for your injuries. The claims adjuster will often deny your claim or reduce it and offer a settlement that is less than your documented damages.

A personal injury attorney has the experience in injury cases and the negotiating skills to push the claims adjuster to improve the offer. By documenting your claim thoroughly and showing the claims adjuster what you might get in court, a California lawyer can often get much better results by negotiating rather than accepting the initial offer.


Hiring a Motorcycle, Truck or Car Accident Lawyer in Bakersfield

Owen, Patterson & Owen (OPO) offers a free initial consultation so you can speak to an experienced and knowledgeable Bakersfield, California lawyer about your case. You have no obligation to hire our Bakersfield, CA law firm after the consultation.

This means that you can use our consultation strictly as a resource to gauge the merits of your case. This also allows you to interview us to decide whether our representation will achieve the results you want for your case. By the end of your free consultation, you should have all of the facts you need to decide how to proceed with your injury claim.

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We have made some wonderful friends who practice many different types of law. More than half of our cases are referred to us by lawyers who do not handle personal injury cases, or personal injury law firms who do not have the time, expertise, or capital resources to properly pursue particular cases. We have handled cases from local attorneys here in Bakersfield and law firms throughout California, and even cases out-of-state.

Over the last 40 years, our referral lawyers have entrusted thousands of personal injury cases to our firm. Learn more.

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