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Are you looking for a Stevenson Ranch & Westridge law firm specializing in personal injury cases and tort law? Look no further. We at Owen, Patterson & Owen have over 40 years of experience representing clients in matters of personal injury law, construction accidents, medical malpractice, worker’s compensation, and more. We have represented thousands of individual victims, as well as large-scale class action lawsuits and enterprise-level businesses. Our experience also extends into practice areas such as wrongful death, wrongful termination, and elder abuse.
Accidents happen every day. People get hurt, and property gets damaged. But injuries and property damage can be expensive, and determining fault is important when figuring out how to divvy up the costs. In California, liability is comparative – meaning, if someone is at fault for about 60 percent of an accident, they’re responsible for 60 percent of the resulting damages. Unless matters are settled privately, it’s up to the courts – and each respective party – to determine where fault lies, and to what degree.

As such, experienced legal representation is crucial in a personal injury case in California. Proper legal representation can guide you through the process of defending your right to compensation in and outside of court, while protecting yourself from opposing legal tactics, such as probing questions hidden in polite phone calls.

It’s our priority at Owen, Patterson & Owen to see to it that our clients receive what they are entitled to, so they can pay their medical bills, pay for their property damage, and return to living their lives without the fear of financial insecurity. Our Stevenson Ranch & Westridge law offices can help you.

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It’s natural to be worried about a legal battle when considering a lawsuit. Please keep in mind, however, that most personal injury cases are settled outside of court. Nevertheless, proper legal representation is as important inside of the courtroom as it is outside. An experienced lawyer will be able to advise you during negotiations with the opposing insurance companies, ensure fair compensation, document the evidence surrounding the case, compile the necessary paperwork if things do go to court, and guarantee legal compliance during every step of the process.

One thing that worries many people about a potential legal battle is the cost of going to court. While litigation is costly, victims of an accident seeking representation in a personal injury case pay a contingency fee. This means that we at Owen, Patterson & Owen are only paid a percentage of the compensation you receive for your case. Furthermore, all initial consultations are free – meaning, you are free to present your situation and learn more about your chances in and outside of the courtroom with no obligation to pursue legal action or take us on as your lawyers. Your success is important to us.

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Our success is contingent on the success of our clients. We believe that our record speaks for itself, and is indicative of the effort our partners, lawyers, and paralegals have spent decades bringing to table here at Owen, Patterson & Owen. As our client, you would be entitled to the fruits of that labor.

Legal Team Specializing in Tort Law

Our Stevenson Ranch & Westridge law firm specializes in providing legal representation to victims of industrial accidents, abuse cases, wrongful termination, negligence, and more. We assign cases to each of our Stevenson Ranch & Westridge attorneys based on their individual specialization, so our clients are always in expert hands.

Outstanding Reputation

While Owen, Patterson & Owen is a Stevenson Ranch & Westridge law firm at heart, we have represented clients throughout California, and across borders. Cases we have been privileged to be a part of have resulted in positive changes to legal policies and set important precedents.

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Answering Your Questions

Legal questions we are often asked include: 

Q: When Should I Pursue Legal Action After an Accident?

A: Accidents and other incidents are complex by nature, but if you’ve had to call the police – which may be necessary past a certain amount of financial and non-financial damages – then it may also be a good idea to contact a lawyer. An initial consultation can shed a lot of light on your situation and give you a thorough plan to work with. 

Make the decision to seek legal representation as early as possible. It takes time to gather evidence and build a case, and taking the initiative is a good idea to display that your case is serious, and that you require compensation for the damages you have experienced. 

Q: How Can I Know What Compensation I Am Entitled To?

A: Compensation for a personal injury case is determined by what the other party is willing to pay, or what the courts determine to be an equivalent financial value to the financial and non-financial damages you have incurred. This can differ wildly from case to case, especially because financial and non-financial damages can be calculated in different ways. Insurance companies, for example, often use in-house formulas to determine what the potential value of a case might be, to determine their strategy during early negotiations. 

A consultation with a legal professional may be able to give you a ballpark figure for similar cases, depending on how your circumstances match up to other clients. 

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A Reputation for Million-Dollar Results

With over four decades of experience, we have seen thousands of cases, and helped thousands of people. Here are some of the things they have said, and some of the things we have accomplished.



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We work with other Stevenson Ranch & Westridge law firms to take cases that may not suit their legal specialty, or for whom they do not have the right resources. Learn more about our referral lawyers program here

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