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Owen, Patterson & Owen is a Thousand Oaks, CA law firm with over 40 years of experience representing individual clients and large class action lawsuits alike. We continue to ensure that accident victims, large and small, get the representation they need and deserve.

We specialize in various areas of the law, including but not limited to personal injury, wrongful death, elder abuse, sexual abuse, wrongful termination, and more.  

Tort law in the state of California determines a person’s liability in any given accident comparatively. This means that when two parties are involved in an accident or incident causing injury or property damage, they are responsible for whatever percentage of the damage their action or inaction has caused. One party could be found responsible for nearly all of the damage, while the other party is liable for only five percent. 

Proper legal representation is the key here. Experienced insurance companies fight tooth and nail to ensure their clients – whose liability they cover – are protected from fault as much as possible. They may seek ways to imply that you’re at fault for more of the accident than you were and have ways of extracting information through innocuous questions and innocent phone calls. 

We at Owen, Patterson & Owen (OPO) want to keep victims from losing their livelihoods and their savings to life-changing accidents and mountains of medical debt. Our Thousand Oaks, CA, law office is here to help you. 

If You Win, We Win

Many people shy away from the legal battles that sometimes result from an accident because they worry about legal costs, upfront fees, retainers, processing costs, etc. We’re here to tell you to set your worries aside. OPO offers free initial consultations, and when we take your case, our compensation is tied to your settlement or final court reward. 

In other words, to make a living, we must ensure that we can continue living without the financial aftermath of the accident weighing on our shoulders. Your success is our gain. 

Should You Work with a Thousand Oaks Personal Injury Attorney?

Even when an accident’s circumstances seem straightforward, it’s risky to proceed alone. Legal technicalities and court procedure aside, contacting a Thousand Oaks, CA attorney immediately after an accident can protect you from common strategies that insurance companies and other legal teams employ. 

Personal injury cases can last months. When the accidents or incidents are more significant—such as industrial accidents or examples of widespread negligence—these cases can take years. You deserve the best compensation and representation you can find. You deserve OPO

Why Work With Us?

Working with us at OPO means:

A 99 Percent Success Rate

We let our track record speak for itself. It’s indicative of the years of effort we’ve poured into ensuring, to the absolute best of our abilities, that our clients get the outcomes they deserve – and the compensation they’re entitled to. 

Decades of Experience in Tort Law

We’ve taken countless cases in the Thousand Oaks community and the state of California, and our firm specializes in accidents, abuse cases, negligence, wrongful termination, and more. When you’re working with us, you’re working with a team of Thousand Oaks, CA attorneys who specialize in their given areas of the law. 

A National Reputation

While we provide services as a Thousand Oaks, CA law firm, OPO has represented clients and interests within and outside of the state of California and even internationally.

Cases we have been a part of have shaped local and state legislation, and we regularly work with referral firms throughout the area. 

Have you been injured?

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99% Success Rate

We Handle All Personal Injury Cases of all sizes

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Working For You

Learn more about our services and areas of expertise by giving us a call for your free consultation at our Thousand Oaks law offices.

Answering Your Questions

Learn more about personal injury cases with us here at OPO. We will guide you through every step of the process and keep you in the loop. Questions we often get include:  


Q: How Do I Know If I Have a Valid Personal Injury Case?

A: That can only be decided on a case-by-case basis. The best way to determine if your case is valid is to seek a professional consultation. However personal injury cases are a matter of fault and liability – and gathering the evidence to determine how that fault is split between the involved parties. If you were involved in an incident and were hurt or suffered in other ways (financially and emotionally), then you may want to consider seeking legal representation. 

In civil cases, the fault is determined through a preponderance of the evidence – meaning, if the evidence suggests a higher than 50 percent chance of someone’s fault, then that may be sufficient to allocate fault. 

Contacting a legal professional early in the timeline is essential because it takes time to appropriately investigate and gather the relevant evidence for any accident or incident.  


Q: What Compensation Am I Entitled to in a Personal Injury Claim?

A: The compensation you are entitled to depends on the damages you’ve incurred, both financially and non-financially. Damages include loss of wages (due to an inability to work), medical expenses, as well as the emotional damages associated with experiencing a diminished quality of life after the accident or losing out on time spent with family due to financial strain. For non-financial damages, calculating a worth can be difficult. 

You receive what you are willing to accept as a settlement or what a jury or judge considers appropriate at the end of the case. 


Choosing a Thousand Oaks Lawyer for Your Motorcycle, Car, or Truck Accident 

Our Thousand Oaks, CA, lawyers can be your first choice. Call us at OPO for a free initial consultation.

Giving us a call does not obligate you to work with us. Regardless of whom you choose to represent you, our priority is providing quality information and the best possible legal representation to victims of accidents and negligence in the Thousand Oaks, CA, area. 

Make your best choice with us at Owen, Patterson & Owen

Client Testimonials and More

Personal injury cases come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve seen thousands of them over decades and have helped countless people. Here’s what they have had to say.



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“Working together for our clients.”

Some of the cases we take on in our Thousand Oaks, CA, law firm come from other practices and firms in the area. We often take on cases that other firms cannot due to lacking resources or current personnel. Sometimes, firms are approached by victims or companies but don’t focus on that aspect of the law. Find out more about our referral lawyers here

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