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Update: OPO settles case for the policy limits, $600,000.

Greg Owen Makes Statement on First Lutheran Church Scandal


Neighborhood preschools and daycare centers serve a very necessary function in today’s society. One that working parents especially have come to rely heavily on.

Guarding the rights of preschoolers and working parents

That’s why the shocking news out of a small community in the greater Los Angeles area—Carson, and its First Lutheran Child Development Center—saddened so many who daily leave children in the care of trusted daycare professionals.

Owen, Patterson & Owen attorneys have once again been turned to by parents desperately seeking redress for the suffering caused by negligent caregivers. This time in a preschool which turned out to have little apparent regard for municipal licensing laws, common sense, or the young children left in their care.

Los Angeles Superior Court papers filed on behalf of the six children and their parents allege negligence, negligent supervision, and intentional infliction of emotional distress on the part of First Lutheran Child Development Center (associated with First Lutheran Church in the city of Carson) which contributed to sexual molestation of the preschoolers by other children attending the preschool.

Sadly, the events cited occurred inside and outside the classroom, and on multiple days.

Furthermore, the complaint filed by Senior Partner Gregory Owen cites gross malfeasance on the part of the preschool’s management, both before and after the incidents. Whether the facility was properly licensed, and in full compliance with regulations, is also at issue.

“Each and every child who has talked to their parent has the exact same story,” Owen said.

One parent said his 4-year-old son often received oral sex at school from a 5-year-old girl. Owen said there were multiple girls involved in the oral sex acts on multiple occasions.

Widely covered in the local and national media, the molestation case has generated considerable interest even before parents sought the help of Owen, Patterson & Owen. First Lutheran Child Development Center will be closed permanently this coming Friday, February 8th.

Our efforts on behalf of parents won’t erase what happened. But the price those responsible will pay is a just and necessary step in helping ensure the safety of other children, as well as the peace of mind of every working parent.

Parents, students or educators with direct knowledge about this case are encouraged to contact our law office at (866) 378.3937.

Owen, Patterson & Owen has been representing victims of sexual abuse and trauma for over 30 years. Our legal experts are especially moved when young victims are abused by those they (and their parents) have placed essential trust in.

Listed below are cases wherein Owen, Patterson & Owen have helped victims of sexual abuse and trauma achieve justice:

  • 6 year old boy molested by his baseball coach for 3 years. A $3.5 million settlement resulted.
  • Boy Scout Troop leader took 12 year old boy on “special” camping trips where he would “snuggle” into the same sleeping bag. A $780,000 settlement resulted.
  • Female stroke victim in a residential care facility molested by a maintenance man. A $1 million settlement resulted.
  • 94 year old woman living in a residential care facility was sexually assaulted by the cook. A jury verdict brought her a $12.5 million award.

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