Wrongful Termination

Results for Victims of Wrongful Termination in California

Fired From Your Job? Owen, Patterson & Owen Can Help

If you suspect that your dismissal was an example of wrongful termination, your suspicions may be entirely correct. You should speak with our skilled California employment law attorneys at Owen, Patterson & Owen right away.

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Even for the “at will” employee, the abrupt loss of a job can be devastating to the person and their family. Your personal and family budget, self-confidence and lifestyle routine are thrown into chaos. Feelings of powerlessness, confusion and frustration can easily set in. These emotional states are especially understandable amid an uncertain state and national economy. You may be a head of household, with a family that is depending on you.

Since 1977, our wrongful termination lawyers have earned a national reputation for bringing hope to those who have lost theirs. If you were dismissed from your job for mysterious or non-existent reasons, we can take strong legal action on your behalf.

We focus always on doing what a lot of attorneys don’t: We listen carefully to what you have to tell us. We explain your legal options. We investigate your claim, negotiate with the responsible parties and litigate aggressively for your interests.

Whether you were the victim of a breach of contract or laid off due to an accident personal injury, you have legal recourse. We want to see you regain productive employment as soon as possible.

Our experienced lawyers want to hear from you if you feel you lost your job because of:

  • Discrimination on the bases of age, sex, race, religion, national origin, disability or pregnancy
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Whistleblower Retaliation
  • FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) Disputes
  • Wage-Hour Issues
  • Overtime Disputes

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