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Hart Memorial Park Bakersfield

Your Guide to Visiting Hart Memorial Park in Bakersfield

Memorial parks are a great way to honor the people you love and remember their lives, but they’re also a great place to go if you want to spend some time outdoors, get some exercise, and enjoy nature.

If you’re looking for a new place to visit in California, we’ve got just the thing: Hart Memorial Park. This park is set up with lots of different activities for all kinds of people, from strolling through the garden paths to hiking through the woods. It’s also home to an arboretum, which is where you can find many different kinds of trees that have been planted there over time.

So, if you’re looking for a place to relax or get active this summer—or if you want to learn more about California’s history—make sure you check out Hart Memorial Park.

And in the following sections, you’ll find out more about what the park has to offer, from its history to its current status as a popular destination for people all over the state.

About Hart Memorial Park

Within the boundaries of Kern River County Park, eight miles Northeast of Bakersfield one finds Hart Park. This 370-acre green space is a favorite gathering place for families in Bakersfield, in part due to its extensive range of ponds, lakes, and canals. This who wish to explore the park while hiking, on horseback, or cycling have a wide variety of choices when it comes to some immaculately manicured trails. There is also a public golf course, the opportunity to enjoy a sun-drenched day of disc golf and rolling lawns for pick-up sports or a relaxing family picnic.

The Park is an easy commute of around 16 minutes from downtown Bakersfield. The easiest route uses the 178 with visitors exiting at Mt. Vernon Avenue. Following the Avenue will bring park patrons to Alfred Harrell Highway. Here those in search of a relaxing park experience will then exit at Hart Park and from there it is a short distance to the parking lot.

Hart Park is public so there is no entrance fee – but those wanting to reserve spaces within the park for special events will be charged a reasonable fee (for example $600.00 for 2000 people or less).


The Park is perfect for walking exploration of the wonderful water-centric scenery, however, there are many other water-based activities to be enjoyed. The two lakes have a combined area of 10 acres and fishing for Catfish, Bass, and Trout is tremendously popular.

Section Seven of the Park has a variety of fire pits, as well as two large grills and seven propane burners. There are also 90 picnic tables and a playground for the kids. Restrooms are nearby and the area also has numerous electrical outlets for lighting. Another option for picnickers is Pyles Boys Camp which is spread over 10 acres (6.5 acres is well-manicured grass, perfect for that picnic spread). Here one will find two concession booths, as well as four grills, five fire pits, a generous 118 picnic tables, sports areas, and an attractive children’s playground. Adding to the picnicking fun are the great horseshoe pits, and lighting poles and outlets for when the sun sets.

To the East of Hart Park, one will find the California Living Museum (CALM Zoo). Here young and old can enjoy a variety of interactive and other exhibits focused on the flora and fauna native to Kern County.
The Park is home to the 18-hole public Kern River Golf Course (which is where one will also find the disc and foot golf attractions). The River Grill adjacent to the course has a great menu.


You will need a permit from Kern County Parks & Recreation for events, as well as the consumption of alcohol, and the use of additional electrical equipment at an event. The Park does allow swimming – but it is at the swimmer’s own risk – and remember there are no lifeguards on duty. No firearms or weapons are permitted in the park and all dogs must be kept on a leash — but there are plenty of room for dogs to run in the park.

Hart Memorial Park Summary

Hart Memorial Park is a true hidden gem in Kern County. It has an amazing amount of space, great facilities, and some spectacular nature trails to explore. If you are looking for a place to hold an event or just hang out with friends — this is a great spot to consider. The park is easy to get to, has plenty of parking and restroom facilities available, and it is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Hart Memorial Park
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