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“It was only a fender bender”

Simple Fender Bender Car Accidents Can Have Hidden Damages A "fender bender" involving a vehicle manufactured in 2022 is far different than an accident involving an older vehicle. What does that phrase even mean? Literally, it refers to an accident that is so minor...

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Do I Need a Lawyer for a Dog Bite in California?

A Guide to Making an Informed Choice in the State of California on Hiring a Dog Bite Lawyer Perhaps nothing is more lovable than a dog. They are playful, loyal, and always eager to please. What’s not to love? Unfortunately, like any other animal, dogs sometimes snap...

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Faulty Sports Equipment Can Lead to Serious Injury

Potential Serious Injuries to Children from Faulty Sports Equipment If your child is playing a sport, you need to make sure his or her equipment is maintained and in good working condition.  This is especially true if the equipment is for safety, such as a helmet....

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Staying Safe While Playing Sports

Sports provide great exercise and enjoyment for many, especially for children, teens and young adults. Organized sports are also a great way for these age groups to contribute to a team effort and see goals achieved through practice and determination. Safety Tips for...

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4 Most Common Water Sports Injuries

In sunny Southern California, there’s an almost endless array of outdoor activities to keep us occupied. When the temperature heats up, a lot of these activities include water sports. Yet even the most mellow of these sports, like wakeboarding, can result in a serious...

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5 Signs of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

We all want the very best for our loved ones, especially elderly parents, grandparents, or other relatives that have played a special role in our lives.  While many seniors prefer to remain independent and live in their own homes as long as possible, there may come a...

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“Not the Suing Kind”? Here’s a Different Perspective

Suffering a Personal Injury from an Accident Owen, Patterson & Owen is a personal injury law firm. We represent injury victims when someone else is at fault. The injured person may have been hurt in a car accident when her boyfriend ran a red light, bitten by the...

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