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Harley Davidson Burn Lawsuit

Four California bikers claim their Harley Davidson motorcycles were defectively designed because their engines ran so hot as to pose a constant danger of being burned and were therefore not fit for their intended use. Phillip Johnson, Jimmy Aldridge, Matthew Weyuker,...

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5 Signs of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

We all want the very best for our loved ones, especially elderly parents, grandparents, or other relatives that have played a special role in our lives.  While many seniors prefer to remain independent and live in their own homes as long as possible, there may come a...

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Top Driving Distractions: In and Outside of the Vehicle

A driver’s ability to safely get from one place to another can be greatly hindered by distractions. When a driver’s attention is diverted for more than 2 seconds, the risk of a crash greatly increases. You’ve heard the warning before to stay off your phone when you...

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Travel is becoming more common after over two years of isolation. We can barely stand the excitement when adventure awaits. When we go to different places, whether in this state, across the country, or across an ocean, we expect every aspect of the trip to go exactly...

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The Question of Fault

The driver turned right on the green light at the intersection of Main Street and ABC Street. She had just straightened her vehicle in the right lane on Main Street, now heading west after making her turn. She did not see that someone had just gone through the yellow...

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A Place To Call Home

At Home in Santa Clarita The Santa Clarita Valley became my home decades ago, well before there was a Valencia Town Center, a Westridge, or such a thing as a Super Walmart. Valencia High School was the “new” high school on the horizon, and I was a young lawyer with a...

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What is a Contingency Fee?

Contingency Fee Retainer Agreements An accident can create physical injuries, horrible emotional distress, loss of income, destruction of property, and high medical bills. You must focus on getting better, but the financial implications can be overwhelming. An injury...

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