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Harley Davidson Burn Lawsuit

Apr 20, 2022

Four California bikers claim their Harley Davidson motorcycles were defectively designed because their engines ran so hot as to pose a constant danger of being burned and were therefore not fit for their intended use. Phillip Johnson, Jimmy Aldridge, Matthew Weyuker, and Randy Vandermolen alleged that Twin Cam engines in Harley motorcycles were prone to overheating and have resulted in burn injuries to their legs. The bikers also claim that transmissions on models manufactured since 2006 also came with defective speed transmissions.

Burn Injuries From Harley Davidson Motorcycles

The complaint alleges that since 1999, Twin Cam 88, 96, 103, and 110 cubic inch engines in Harley motorcycles produce severe, excessive heat causing clothing to catch on fire, burn injuries, and the danger of burn injury to riders and passengers as well as overheating causing premature engine wear and is in models manufactured after 2006, transmission failure.

One of the bikers says that Harley has recommended several fixes, but he doesn’t feel he should have to pay for the extra work on his fairly new bike.

“Plaintiffs sufficiently allege that the engine defect is material because a reasonable consumer would change his behavior if he knew that the engine heat can cause burns and that the transmission would require numerous repairs or replacements,” U.S. District Judge John Mendez Mendez wrote.

Greg Owen, a partner at Owen, Patterson & Owen and one of the lawyers representing the plaintiffs in this case, states, “Harley Davidson has known about this problem from the early 2000s and has the technology to fix it, but has chosen to sell tens of thousands of touring bikes here in California without disclosing this known defect. When Harley customers complain to Harley’s dealers after purchase, Harley’s response is that’s normal and it refuses to offer an effective fix to the problem.”

The recent ruling allows the case to move forward, and Harley Davidson will now face the Class Action Certification process at the end of the month.

Harley Davidson Class Action Burn Lawsuit

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