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“It was only a fender bender”

Sep 22, 2022

Simple Fender Bender Car Accidents Can Have Hidden Damages

A “fender bender” involving a vehicle manufactured in 2022 is far different than an accident involving an older vehicle. What does that phrase even mean? Literally, it refers to an accident that is so minor that only a fender is bent. At Owen, Patterson, & Owen, our attorneys and support staff are trained to look beyond the property damage to a vehicle involved in an accident when considering the merits of a potential client’s case.

Auto Accident Damage Differences Between Older and New Vehicles

Think of the safety features which exist in modern cars. Today, airbags will prevent us from being impaled by a steering wheel column, seatbelts keep us in our seats instead of being thrown through broken windows, and a multitude of other features are designed with one purpose: To keep us safe if we are in an accident. I remember the “seatbelt” of my mom’s arm being thrown in front of me when she stopped short for a light. We didn’t wear seatbelts when I was a kid. Nobody did. Vehicles are made differently today, and an accident that may cause only minimal damage to a new vehicle and result in little or no injury to its passengers is far different than what the same accident might result in should you be in a 1970 VW. An older car may have been built like a tank, and there may be very little damage to the exterior of the car. Alternatively, vehicles that are specifically built with crush zones may appear to have severe damage after an accident, but the occupants may escape virtually unscathed.

Obtain Fair Compensation With A Good Auto Accident Attorney

After an accident, many insurance companies will point to minimal property damage as a basis for paying only a small amount or for denying coverage completely. It is important that all relevant factors be considered. OPO will make sure that happens. The property damage may not reflect the speed the vehicle was traveling at the time of impact or the extent to which the vehicle’s occupants were injured. It is absolutely necessary to retain an attorney to fight for you and obtain fair compensation after a motor vehicle accident. We are here for you when you need us. Call us at 888-OPO-WINS or email us at info@opolaw.com.

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