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A Place To Call Home

Oct 9, 2021

At Home in Santa Clarita

The Santa Clarita Valley became my home decades ago, well before there was a Valencia Town Center, a Westridge, or such a thing as a Super Walmart. Valencia High School was the “new” high school on the horizon, and I was a young lawyer with a baby on the way. I had purchased a home in a new development in the area called Stevenson Ranch, full of young families. I was excited to be able to have a yard to garden in again after years of apartment living.

Can a House Guest Really Sue Me?

In that home, my “rose colored glasses” kept me from ever considering the possibility that one of my guests could get injured and that, if they did, they could sue me for their injuries. Since that time and throughout the years I have been practicing as a personal injury attorney at Owen, Patterson & Owen, the reality of a homeowner being sued by a guest is not only a possibility; it is a reality that occurs when individuals are injured due to dangerous conditions at residential properties that should have been repaired, maintained, or the injury should have otherwise been prevented.

Such a situation could occur when roots cause concrete to crack, thereby causing a trip hazard. It could be that broken lightbulbs are not replaced in a dark stairwell, and a guest falls down the stairs. Perhaps there are broken sprinklers that have been running for days and your guests slip in slimy, moldy water in the only walkway to the front door. Or your dog that you keep for protection got out of its pen due to broken fencing and knocks over a child.

Check Your Homeowners Insurance for Adequate Liability Coverage

OPO represents injury victims. But we are also homeowners. We want you to make sure that you have sufficient insurance coverage in the event that such an accident occurs where a guest suffers an injury.

And I am still excited to be able to garden in my yard. My zucchinis are getting big.

Owen, Patterson and Owen are Always Here to Represent You If You Are Injured

At OPO, we are always here for you. Please contact OPO at 661-799-3899 or info@opolaw.com.

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