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Camelot Park in Bakersfield

Enjoying The Camelot Park Experience in Bakersfield, CA

Now that the COVID-19 regulations governing isolating at home are by and large a thing of the past families, especially those with young children are exploring entertainment options that provide the younger generation with stimulation and fun within a safe and secure environment.

One of the evergreen options is the amusement park – and residents of Bakersfield and visitors to this charming part of Kern County in California have Camelot Park in Bakersfield, a world-class entertainment destination almost on their doorstep.


Camelot Park offers entertainment options galore. There are, of course, the rides, including go-karts and bumper boats, as well as the family-friendly favorite mini-golf. The amusement park staples are also present, including the aerial roundabout / swing-type rides where the younger generation are seated in the fiberglass cockpit of a WW1 biplane (the ‘Mini-Jets).

There is also a batting cage attraction where would-be major-league stars can choose between baseballs and softballs and pitches delivered at a variety of speeds.

It is also home to one of the classic attractions that were a part of the teenage years of everyone from Millennials to Gen Z – the amusement arcade. Of course, the attractions have been modernized and the offerings are now suitable for those brought up on a steady diet of entertainment delivered through a variety of screens. The arcade also houses games of skill where redeemable tickets are up for grabs.

Park concession stands with popular refreshments are easily accessible.

Special Events

Camelot Park is also the ideal venue for that extra-special birthday party. There are a number of packages available from the ‘Ultimate Party’ package ($250) that will allow groups of up to 10 children to enjoy access to all the rides to the more modest ‘Fun Package’ ($150) that provides access to two rides for parties of 10 guests.
Personal pizzas and pitchers of soda are part of the deal, as is birthday appropriate tableware. A number of birthday party ‘add-ons’ such as goodie bags are also available for a nominal fee per child.

The Park also has a number of packages available for group events that do not fall into the Birthday party category.

Entry Prices and Admission Times

There are three tiers of pricing for entry to the park, each of which entitles the visitor to different benefits. The top tier at just under $30 per day also includes pizza and a soft drink – and access to all outdoor rides and activities, excluding the batting cages (and a $10 games card), while a $24.99 entry will exclude the pizza and soft drink, but still provide $10 games card). For $19.99 the guest will enjoy access to the outdoor attractions, however no games card.

The Park is open from midday until 9 pm seven days a week (excluding public holidays).
If you and the younger members of the family are in the Bakersfield area don’t miss out on the wonderful attraction that is tailor-made for those in search of quality family time.

Camelot Park Summary

Camelot Park is a great place to take the kids, especially if you have younger children who are yet to be introduced to the world of roller coasters. The park is easily accessible from Interstate 5 and is located in a large modern building with plenty of parking available around it. The pricing structure for entry into the park is very reasonable and provides great value for money overall.

Camelot Park
1251 Oak St,
Bakersfield, CA 93304

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