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Emotional Injuries That You Cannot See from PTSD or Sexual Abuse Cases

Oct 14, 2021

Personal Injuries include Emotional Trauma to the Mind and Heart

Owen, Patterson & Owen is a personal injury firm in Valencia California. We represent clients from all over the world, as well as our neighbors throughout Santa Clarita and Southern California. It is important to remember that these cases involve personal injuries, not just bodily injuries. Three major recent cases highlight that many injuries are to the mind and heart but which cannot be healed by neurologists or cardiologists.

Route 91 Shooting Emotional Trauma PTSD Settlements

The Route 91 Shooting cases were resolved for the total amount of $800 million. Various documents were analyzed by the Case Administrators, to determine the amount of individual settlements including medical records and bills, tax records if someone was disabled or deceased, and assorted others. An amount was awarded for a finding of PTSD. Those 4 letters were so very important in this case. PTSD can keep its victim from leaving their home, from working, from eating correctly, from having meaningful relationships, from exercising, from having any sort of a “life.” With few exceptions, if PTSD was not in the medical records, a Route 91 shooting victim did not receive compensation for emotional trauma despite the impossibility that such an event could occur without trauma.

Years of Emotional Trauma Symptoms from Sexual Abuse Cases

The personal injury/class action cases surrounding the sexual abuse cases at USC by the school gynecologist, George Tyndall, were settled for the gross amount of $1 billion. These cases are all about emotional injuries. While some survivors have physical manifestations of emotional injuries, it is still about emotional trauma. In this case, some survivors were victimized nearly three decades ago but did not realize that they were, in fact, abused until they read the article in the Los Angeles Times in May 2018 about USC and George Tyndall. They just knew that the gynecologist was “creepy,” or that they felt uncomfortable during their appointments. For all those years, some suffered from anxiety, depression, or a host of other symptoms of emotional trauma, yet were unable to link these conditions to anything until they learned that what they experienced during their first gynecologist appointment at USC was anything but normal.

Porter Ranch Gas Leak Responsible for Victims’ Uncertain Futures of Mental & Physical Ailments

And nearly 6 years after the worst methane gas leak in US history, victims of the Aliso Canyon gas leak in Porter Ranch received a $1.8 billion settlement from SoCal Gas and its parent company. OPO represented 3,800 plaintiffs in this historic settlement. In addition to physical ailments, many residents also experienced increased anxiety and neurological issues as a result of this traumatic event.

At OPO, our goal is to get full compensation for our clients’ physical and emotional injuries from sexual abuse and other personal injuries If you need us, we are here for you. Contact us at info@opolaw.com or 661.799.3899.

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