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Faulty Sports Equipment Can Lead to Serious Injury

Jun 24, 2022

Potential Serious Injuries to Children from Faulty Sports Equipment

If your child is playing a sport, you need to make sure his or her equipment is maintained and in good working condition.  This is especially true if the equipment is for safety, such as a helmet. Should a helmet not be in good working condition, it leaves your child exposed to suffering a severe head injury, such as a concussion, or worse. Among the many side effects of brain injuries, concussions have also been linked to suicide. Additionally, concussions can lead to depression and anger.

Make Sure Sports Protective Equipment is in Good Condition

If your child wears protective equipment, such as football pads, kneepads, or shin guards, it’s also extremely important to make sure they are protecting your child the way they should be. If the pads are missing pieces, don’t fit correctly, or seem to have a lot of damage or wear, it can lead to serious injury. If this is the case, be sure to replace the protective equipment, or ask it to be replaced if it is the property of a school or club.

Proper Sports Shoes are Important Also in Preventing Injuries to Children

Shoes need to be considered for safety as well. Whether it’s sneakers, cleats, or sports-specific footwear, they need to be in good working condition. Old shoes don’t provide the proper support your child needs to play sports. Additionally, holes in the toes of shoes will leave the foot exposed. It’s also important to note that worn-out shoes might rip or tear unexpectedly, creating a scenario where a sprained or broken ankle, foot, or leg is likely.

Ensure Proper Sports Safety Equipment Fit for Your Child

Any sports clothing or safety equipment should fit your child properly. Even if a piece of equipment or clothing is brand new, if it doesn’t fit, it can cause damage. Something too small can expose your child to injury. Something too large can shift or move easily, exposing sensitive areas. If the sports equipment is too large, it can also restrict or inhibit movement.

Inspect Equipment Before Each Use

In addition to what your child puts on his or her body for protection, the equipment they use or play on needs to be inspected for safety as well. Anything that seems worn out, partially broken, or not in proper working order needs to be replaced. Continuing to use old or broken equipment opens the door to serious injury. We represented a gymnast who broke his neck because of a faulty mat.

Prevent Youth Injuries with the Proper Sports Equipment in Good Condition

If your child plays sports, it’s not enough to simply have the right equipment. It also needs to be in good working order. If not, you are exposing your child to potentially serious injuries that could alter his or her life forever.

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