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For the Love of Dogs – Office Partner and Emotional Support

Sep 24, 2021

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have had two new assistants as the managing partner of Owen, Patterson & Owen, the biggest personal injury law firm in Valencia. They are on nearly every video call, stay close during the entire workday, and because they don’t want to miss anything that I say, do, or need, they are with me when I eat lunch and, dare I say it, even go to the restroom.

Their names are Rocky and Daisy, our Golden Retriever pups. (They will always be pups, regardless of age.) Their love, attention, antics, and kisses have made the hours and days of this past year bearable. Because I start my day before the sun rises when they are ready to start theirs, I can get emails off to clients, review all correspondence that may have come in the night before, prepare documents and get in the necessary cups of coffee before I start communicating with in-office and remote staff to ensure that we are serving the needs of every client and every case.

Our youngest daughter, who is now away at college, misses the emotional support that Rocky and Daisy provided her with during the end of her high school year and throughout the summer. We FaceTime several times each day so she can see her four-legged loved ones (and her parents too, presumably).

Not every dog is a Rocky or a Daisy. The commercials for the ASPCA remind us of the neglected dogs. Thankfully, many people adopted comfort animals from shelters during the past year, and, hopefully, those animals will remain in their new homes once this crisis is over. The dog bite cases that come to OPO remind us that not all dogs are beloved pets. Some dogs are bred or trained to be aggressive. This is not to overgeneralize about any given breed. I love my cuddly Golden Retrievers as much as the pitbull mixes that I had before them who passed away when they were both 12.

We are thinking of you as COVID-19 reaches its anniversary, and we are here for you if you need us. Email us at or call us at 661.799.3899.

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