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I Was a Passenger in an Uber Accident. What Should I Do?

Aug 29, 2023

“I was a passenger in an Uber accident, and I’m not sure what to do next.”

Has this ever applied to you? Then you’ll want to read on. Uber drivers are not employees of Uber, but both drivers and passengers are entitled to a certain level of insurance once a ride is accepted and begins. Furthermore, acting swiftly and decisively after an Uber accident is important to secure the compensation you deserve for your trauma.  

The average car weighs well over four thousand pounds, often moving at dozens of miles per hour. The chance of death from a side impact doubles between 37mph (40 percent) and 43mph (80 percent), despite a difference of only six miles per hour, and many Americans’ speed. Car accidents are always terrifying, and injuries incurred through a car accident can leave you affected for life.  

The good news is that taking an Uber is usually safer than driving yourself. Uber drivers and other ridesharing contractors are encouraged not to speed and are given warnings when they do. 

Furthermore, Uber drivers are statistically more cautious than the average motorist; 99.9 percent of all rides are completed without incident. But when accidents happen, it’s important to be prepared.  

Even when all safety measures kick in, passengers can be left with concussions, whiplash, and other physical injuries. Furthermore, car accidents are emotionally traumatic. The physical results of an accident can leave you unable to work, unable to spend quality time with your family, or dealing with a long-term chronic injury.  

It’s crucial to seek fair compensation for your physical and emotional trauma after an Uber accident. 

Here’s what you must know:

I Was a Passenger in an Uber Accident, What’s Next? 

If you are conscious after the accident, then your first step will be to determine the extent of the damage. If you’re hurt in any way, call 911. If people around you have been hurt, call 911. If you can see damage to either of the vehicles or any of the surrounding properties, call 911.  Handling your claim is aided by the existence of a Traffic Collision Report.

All car accidents regardless of the scale of the accident must be reported to the police within a day. However, you will generally want to avoid alerting the paramedics if it’s something minor like a dent or a fender-bender. In addition to the police, you will need to tell Uber that “I was a passenger in an Uber accident”.  

Do not underestimate your injuries! You could be feeling fine due to a surge in adrenaline but may be bleeding internally. Do not tough it out! Get emergency services immediately if you are involved in an accident.

In addition to paramedics and the police, calling 911 on a car accident also gets the fire brigade on the scene if the damage is severe enough. They can help ensure that even superficial dents do not turn into something more dangerous, due to a perforated tank or a burning car battery.  

It isn’t your job to interview witnesses, take pictures of the scene, or get the names and badge numbers of the first responders. Don’t worry if you can’t. However, if you feel fit for it, describing the accident in as much detail as possible, as early as possible, can help you keep it fresh in your memory and avoid mixing things up chronologically. Photographs, video, and contact information for witnesses can provide answers to important questions as to liability and damages.

Regardless of what happens next, getting a medical checkup is crucial. If you’re rushed to the hospital, focus first on your physical health and recovery.  


Monitoring Your Health and Recovery 

Car accidents are physically and emotionally traumatizing. It’s important to document the extent of your physical trauma for the sake of your insurance and rightful compensation.  

Keep every hospital bill, adhere to your treatment, and regularly schedule follow-ups to ensure that you are demonstrably doing everything you can to preserve and monitor your health after the accident.  

If your injuries are keeping you from returning to work, take note of the hours and wages lost. Finally, consider the extent of the emotional damage of the accident. Long-term injuries can negatively affect your quality of life, your mood, and your mental health. If you have been feeling significantly worse mentally after the accident, consider screening for depression or a stress disorder.  


Seeking Legal Counsel and Contacting Uber and Insurance Providers 

The next step is to get legal help and file a report with Uber

When choosing legal help, focus on local law firms with experience in representing passengers in a ride-sharing accident. You will want to work with legal professionals who understand the policies that Uber and other ride-sharing companies follow and know how to navigate Uber’s legal department to ensure a smooth and painless process.  

You will want to tell Uber that “I was a passenger in an Uber accident.” When navigating the Uber app, tap on Trip and Fare Review > Driver Feedback, or go to Trip and Fare Review > I was involved in an accident. 

Uber and other ride-sharing companies do not technically employ their drivers. This limits Uber’s responsibility towards drivers and passengers in an accident. Nevertheless, Uber offers a certain level of insurance coverage if the driver’s own coverage isn’t enough. The extent of this coverage depends on the status of the ride when the accident took place. Because you were a passenger in an Uber accident, you may be eligible for the highest extent of Uber’s insurance coverage, which includes:  

  • $1,000,000 in third-party liability insurance.  

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury and/or first-party injury insurance.  

  • Contingent comprehensive and collision insurance (if the driver has this included in their policy).  


The coverage on Uber accidents is made available to the drivers but extends to third parties such as the passengers or affected pedestrians. While filing an accident with Uber helps them confirm and corroborate their driver’s story, it’s important to get in contact with a lawyer and keep them updated throughout the process.  

Companies like Uber want to minimize their liability and will scrutinize the details of an accident before considering a payout. It isn’t enough to call them and tell them that “I was a passenger in an Uber accident”. Get legal help to ensure that you’re taking every reasonable measure to get the coverage you need. 

If you have any other questions or want to know more about your options after an Uber accident, contact our legal team at Owen, Patterson & Owen or call via 800-676-5295. 

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