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“Not the Suing Kind”? Here’s a Different Perspective

Nov 17, 2021

Suffering a Personal Injury from an Accident

Owen, Patterson & Owen is a personal injury law firm. We represent injury victims when someone else is at fault. The injured person may have been hurt in a car accident when her boyfriend ran a red light, bitten by the neighbor’s dog, given the wrong medication by his pharmacist, or suffered a severe burn at a friend’s house due to a faulty electrical switch, just to give a few examples.

Fairly Recovering Money for Medical Bills, Loss of Earnings, Pain and Suffering

These are all people we know. They know OPO can handle a case for them, obtaining recovery not only for their medical bills, but also for their loss of earnings, and their pain and suffering. The only issue is that these victims don’t believe that they are “the suing kind.”

Not Wanting to Start a Personal Lawsuit Case?

My question is this: How often are we faced with the option of whether we are “the suing kind?” And what is our motivation for saying that we are part of that group of people who do not sue others? Every person who is injured needs to remember that in nearly every situation such as those outlined above is that the injury victim is not seeking to collect from the boyfriend, the neighbor, the pharmacist, or the friend. In 99% of all cases, we are not going after the personal assets of these individuals. We are not looking to empty their bank accounts. The individual’s home is not in jeopardy.

It’s Not Personal – Insurance Pays the Accident Injury Claims

The person or corporation at fault has insurance. This is exactly what insurance is for. When a homeowner does not pay for their own insurance, the lender will make sure that coverage is provided, just in case. Just in case of what? An accident. When a new vehicle is purchased, you must provide proof of insurance, and if no such insurance is provided, the car will nevertheless be covered (by either the dealer or the lender), just in case of an accident. Corporations carry a certain amount of minimum insurance if they are doing business in this state.

Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friend, A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help Obtain The Settlement You Deserve

That is who will pay for your injuries, not your friend or neighbor. If you suffer an injury and it’s someone else’s fault, we are here for you. Contact us at 661-799-3899 or info@opolaw.com.

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