“Q & A with OPO” By Susy Owen, Managing Partner - Law Offices of Owen, Patterson and Owen

“Q & A with OPO” By Susy Owen, Managing Partner

Nov 19, 2021

1. Name of business and what you provide to the community:

Owen, Patterson & Owen (OPO) is located in the heart of SCV on Valencia Boulevard across from the courthouse. We take care of our neighbors, friends, and all of Santa Clarita when they have been injured in an accident. While the vast majority of our past and current clients live in the Santa Clarita Valley, the firm has a national reputation and is considered part of the top 1% of all trial firms in the country.

2. History:

The firm was established 43 years ago by partner Richard Patterson, who built the building the firm still calls home to this day.  The firm’s foundation has been built on community service.

Greg Owen, a native Californian, was raised in East Los Angeles and was a victim of a drive-by shooting as a child. It was his experience and interaction during the prosecution of this crime by the district attorney that inspired his interest in the law, and he began his legal career representing accident victims. Susan Owen, who had been practicing law in Century City for several years, moved her practice to Santa Clarita, and the three joined forces to form a law firm to serve the growing community’s needs.

3. Philosophy behind our business:

OPO’s goal is to be the voice for the voiceless, provide strength to the weak, and give guidance in times of uncertainty. When someone is in an accident, it is very difficult to know the steps to take when trying to recover from injuries and obtain proper medical treatment. The firm provides guidance every step of the way and makes sure their clients obtain the best resolution. It is not an exaggeration to say that the insurance companies are your enemy when you have had an accident. They want to pay you as little as possible. You must have representation from the start by a law firm that the insurance companies will respect.

4. Biggest inspiration/most enjoyment:

Family means everything. Everything is for the ones we love. They are the reason the partners, attorneys and staff work so hard. Between the three partners, there are 14 children and 28 grandchildren.

5. Special message:

This is an incredible place to live and to raise your families. It is a place of community, of friendship, and safety. It is a place where activities for you and your families are boundless. That being said, accidents do happen. You have to know who to call and what to do when those accidents arise.

6. Funny story:

When the partners’ children were small, they would come to the office after school. There was a place set up for them where they could relax after school, have a snack, then do their homework before going home at night so the workday could continue. This was affectionately called “going to law camp.” To this day, even though those children have now outgrown “law camp,” OPO’s staff is encouraged to bring their children to work when childcare issues arise or when they don’t feel well. “Law camp” is still in session!

7. Ourselves and our families:

Greg and Susy Owen, both partners, are married (to each other!), and they have 4 daughters and two sons. Their son, Beau Goodrick, is an attorney at the firm, and their daughter, Gerralynn Owen, is in charge of special projects and is the Director of Marketing. Rick Patterson’s lovely wife, Ann, is a special needs teacher for the Newhall School District, and they have 6 children and 27 grandchildren. Their son, Cody, is an attorney with the firm, and their daughter, Madeline, is an assistant who has been with the firm for several years.

8. Other info we would like to share:

OPO has had great success over the last 43 years, with cases filed, settled or tried in front of a jury totaling nearly 1 billion dollars. While some of these cases make local or national headlines, each one is important to the injury victim and his or her family. We are here for this community. We are YOUR lawyer. Whatever your need is, call us or contact us at www.opolaw.com.

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