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Staying Safe While Playing Sports

Jun 8, 2022

Sports provide great exercise and enjoyment for many, especially for children, teens and young adults. Organized sports are also a great way for these age groups to contribute to a team effort and see goals achieved through practice and determination.

Safety Tips for Playing Recreational Sports

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind as it relates to children, teens and young adults participating in organized sports.


Before diving into any sports activity, it is important to warm up in order to loosen muscles, as this can help to prevent an injury from occurring. A combination of cardio exercises, as well as some stretches, can go a long way in preparing a body for a big game or for an intense practice session.

Stay hydrated

Dehydration and exertional heat illness is not an uncommon occurrence among athletes. Each year, more than 9,000 athletes of high school age are given treatment for exertional heat illness. Staying hydrated while playing a sport is key, and stressing the importance of this to young athletes can help encourage healthy habits long-term.

Wear proper equipment

Helmets, goggles, mouth guards, and other protective equipment are meant to help prevent serious injuries from occurring. It is also important to check to make sure sports safety equipment is still in good condition (buckles close properly, straps can be securely fastened, there are no cracks or breaks in any protective gear), before a child, teen or young adult heads out to play. If the protective gear is loaned from a school or a community organization, check often to see that the equipment is still in a working condition that is capable of providing protection.

Consider Consulting With a Sports Accident Attorney if Injured

A number of things can be the culprit of a sports accident. My law firm has the experience necessary to take on children’s sports accidents that have occurred in any number of ways, including those resulting from defective equipment.

If a loved one of yours has been injured in a children’s sports accident, feel free to call Owen, Patterson & Owen at 1-800-676-5295 for a free consultation. You can also contact us by sending us a message.

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