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The Question of Fault

Jan 14, 2022

The driver turned right on the green light at the intersection of Main Street and ABC Street. She had just straightened her vehicle in the right lane on Main Street, now heading west after making her turn. She did not see that someone had just gone through the yellow light on Main and was heading straight for her vehicle. She looked in her rear-view mirror just before she was rear-ended and braced for impact.

Who is “at fault” for this collision?  The driver who turned right with a green light but did not check for oncoming traffic? Or the driver who ran the yellow light? Or is there possible liability on the part of the government agencies who are responsible for the light phasing and road design?

Does the size of the two vehicles matter? Their speed? The grade of the road on which they were driving? The equipment on each vehicle? The age of each vehicle? Should injuries to either party play a role in determining fault? Was the light phasing set correctly? Are there cameras at the intersection which could help or hurt your potential claim?

You should not be expected to know the answers to these questions. Owen, Patterson & Owen is a personal injury firm with over 44 years of experience in motor vehicle accidents. We can determine whether you are entitled to recovery for any injuries or damages sustained in a motor vehicle accident, regardless of the decision of the on-scene officers as reflected in the Traffic Incident Report or an insurance adjuster. It may be that OPO’s attorneys and experts agree with the officers and/or the adjuster who decided the accident was “your fault”. But it may be that we do not. In that case, OPO’s team will fight to make sure that you are treated fairly and receive the compensation you deserve.

At OPO, our goal is to get full compensation for our clients injured in motor vehicle accidents. We are always here if you need us. Contact us at 888-OPO-WINS or at

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