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Top Driving Distractions: In and Outside of the Vehicle

Apr 5, 2022

A driver’s ability to safely get from one place to another can be greatly hindered by distractions. When a driver’s attention is diverted for more than 2 seconds, the risk of a crash greatly increases. You’ve heard the warning before to stay off your phone when you are driving and other safety tips, but there are other distractions that drivers need to be aware of. These distractions can happen both in and outside of the vehicle.

Distractions From Inside the Car

First, we have a list of potential distractions that can occur from inside the vehicle:

  • Adjusting the radio can be a major distraction. This includes changing the radio channel, changing CD’s and even plugging in an auxiliary cord.
  • Other people in the car with you can divert your attention away from the road. It is important to stay focused on the road first and foremost.
  • Eating and drinking are something most people have done while driving. However, the moment you take a hand off of the wheel to put food to your mouth, your attention is now on the food, not driving.
  • Pets can also be a dangerous distraction. If your pet is not contained well, they are free to move about the car and distract your attention.

Outside Distractions While Driving

Outside of the vehicle, there are just as many distractions that may take your eye off of the road. It’s hard not to notice these things when you are driving, but do your best to not let them distract you from safely driving your own vehicle. Below are distractions that happen from outside of the vehicle:

  • Crash scenes are often the main diverter of a driver’s attention. People are curious to see what happened and how serious the accident is. Taking your eyes off of the road to look at another accident might cause another.
  • Road construction is unavoidable, but the choice to let it distract you is avoidable. Driving through construction or in a construction zone is a crucial time for you to be cautious and to follow any instructions that might be posted, such as an adjusted speed limit.
  • Places of interest along the road might be something you want to look at. However, it is much safer to pull off of the road to see the point of interest. Besides, taking a short break from driving and going to the landmark will help you enjoy it even more!

When driving, be aware that there are many distractions that might come your way. It is key to remain focused on your driving and the drivers around you so that an accident is avoided. If you or a loved one has been hurt in an auto accident, feel free to contact us or call (800) 676-5295 to learn how our experienced attorneys can help you if you have been involved in a car accident.

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